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eleuthreophile's Journal

1950s, alkaline trio, alternative thinking, art, asking questions, being able to write, being crafty, being skinny, being smart, being up all night, books, boudica, cats, change, computers, controversy, crafting, curiosity, dead kennedys, dyeing my hair, eating less meat, eating well, elizabeth i, english history, etymology, fashion, feeding stray cats, fixing the world, flogging molly, freud, geeks, good grammar, good music, guitar, gym class heroes, harry potter, harry potter theories, having awesome hair, high heels, history, hondas, html, hugs, icons with correct spelling, illegal downloads, irish history, irish music, johnny cash, kittens, kitties, knitting, knowledge, lacy underwear, layouts, learning, leopard print, libertarianism, lord of the rings, losing weight, make up, making ends meet, midnight, mindless self indulgence, monty python, mutinies, mutiny, my cat, not being broke, not being cold, not being second best, not freezing to death, overthrowing corrupt governments, pan's labyrinth, paying my bills, pearls, piracy, psychology, punk, randomness, reading, red lipstick, revolt, revolution, revolutions with dancing, rise against, sarcasm, scotland, scottish history, sewing, shoes, shopping, singing, ska, skating, skinny boys, skirts, socialism, spelling my interests correctly, spring, summer, taking back sunday, taking over, the power of knowledge, the sims 2, thunderstorms, uprising, useless facts, v for vendetta, warm weather, wgcc, writing, writing realistic dialogue, young frankenstein, zombies